to continue the sacred honor . . . .

Congratulations Sir Knight on passing through our ceremonies and enlisting under our banner.    We welcome you in to our ancient order!

If you have not already done so we invite you to register on our website –  Once registered your status will be updated to provide valuable information.

As you know we are a very, very old fraternity whose presence dates back many centuries.    We have been in the United States for a couple of centuries and organized nationally as the Grand Encampment.  Every three years there is national meeting of all US Commanderies.    The Grand Encampment FAQ pages provide excellent  background information.   Those interested in history might enjoy browsing this 1894 Monitor of the Grand Encampment.

In Texas there are 58 separate Commanderies organized under the Grand Commandery of Texas jurisdiction.   There is an annual Grand Encampment gathering of all Texas Knights Templar Commanderies.  You can the Rules & Regulations for the Grand Commandery of Texas here.

Our stated meeting is the second Friday of each month.  You are most welcome and considered “in uniform” with your Maltese Cross.  If you haven’t received one or have misplaced yours – COME ANYWAY!  We will get you one.

Our “Degrees’ are called “Orders” and One of the most rewarding aspects of Knight Templar Masonry is participating in the most impressive ceremonies.   We welcome you to review the “scripts” in the website members area.   If you have difficulty or need help finding this  – let us know.