Stated Conclave – March 9, 2018

Attendance at the March Stated Conclave was impressive! We even had a surprise visit from Knights Templar of Brasil. Our Illustrious visitor is S.K. Alexander Masolli Lisboa, K.T.  member of the Duque de Caxias Commandery, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, York Rite in Brazil. Also he is K.T. of the Madras N. 22 Preceptory (Commandery), Sao Paulo, Brazil. S.K Lisboa is  Past Preceptor (Past E.C.) of the Preceptory Impeesa No. 47, Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am glad to convey his greetings to all Sir Knights in our Commandery.

All Sir Knights showed improvement in their Full Form Opening tactics. This is a credit to the February 23rd, practice session. Here’s the winning formula: “Practice.. Practice … Practice – rehearse your parts at home and attend the practice sessions to clean up the tactics”. Our next practice session is on March 23, 2018. Hope to see you there…
Sir Knight Ronnie Price is in hospital recovering from a recent illness. Good news is that he has been released from ICU and is currently at a rehabilitation center in College Satation. Please join us in praying for his fast and complete recovery.


Don A. Ogwude, Eminent Commander

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