Ruthven Sir Knights:

As if you didn’t already know, August is a hot an humid month.
My compliments and praise go to S.K. Robert Foreman and those of the Drill Team. Their dedication is extraordinary. Due to their efforts your Commandery is being represented at the Grand Encampment Triennial in Buffalo despite not having received direct funding from Grand Commandery. Neither heat, nor humidity, nor the breaking light of dawn has deterred them from achievement. Godspeed and good fortune this week.

While the last contract for purchase of the building did not end in a sale, we are continuing to examine our obligations and available resources. As was said in another meeting recently [paraphrased] “This (group) is not about us meeting here, it is about us meeting as Masons, where ever that happens to be. We have had several places before this, and we will continue to exist no matter where we go.” I completely agree. All of OUR attention should be focused on keeping Ruthven active, safe, and open for business. We have an opportunity, help us to optimize the future.

Reminder: the stated conclave is the 14th of August. Dinner at 6:30 PM. If you desire to see something on the dinner menu, contact Sir Knights George Lillard (Generalissimo) and/or Don Ogwude (Senior Warden).

At the moment, S.K. John Elkinton has Ruthven scheduled for Saturday, 17 October. Lunch at noon, inspection at 1 PM.
I don’t like moving dates around, I don’t like creating confusion by making changes.
Yet there has been more negative response than positive indication.
Your Commandery requires positive participation in the form of practice AND showing up. It has been suggested that Inspection be moved back to the October stated conclave. The choice is yours: a longer night on the 9th and considering that all officers are to be there anyway, or a less stressful Saturday afternoon on the 17th.
RSVP now, let your voice be heard. Your Dias officers will have John’s ear this coming weekend to put this issue to rest.

Your attendance, your participation is key to the success of Ruthven.
Let us work together toward that success.

Fraternal regards,
Travis Griffith
Eminent Commander