Order of Red Cross & Order of Malta Conferral

Sir Knights– Please check the  assignments and to make sure you can be there.  Please feel free to volunteer or move up!  

Order of the Red Cross 

Sovereign Master John Elkinton
High Priest ????
Prince Chancellor George Lillard
Prince Master of the Palace Leonard Pierce
Master of Dispatches Ron Adams
Master of Finance Keith Borst
Conductor (Zerrubabal) Robert Foreman
Master of Infantry Don Little
Warder Marvin Haas
Persian & Jewish Council 1 Barry Podwin
Persian & Jewish Council 2 ????
Persion Guard Travis Griffith
First Guard Ronnie Price
Second Guard Don Ogwude
Degree Master George Lillard


Order of the Malta:

Prior Robert Foreman
Lieutenant Commander Leonard Pierce
Marshal Ronnie Price
Chaplain Keith Borst
Table in the West Ron Adams
Banner of Saint John Don Little
Banner of Malta George Lillard
First Banner Barry Podwin
Second Banner Travis Griffith
Third Banner Marvin Haas
Fourth Banner ????
Fifth Banner Don Ogwude
Degree Master Keith Borst