Commander’s Message for June 2015

Sir Knights:

Think for a moment about that salutation…
Each of us is addressed as “Sir” as a matter of respect, no matter what our background, views or capabilities. “Sir” is an acknowledgement of achievement through dedication and persistence. “Sir” is confidence in your principles, doing the right thing.
“Knight” is your personal embodiment of morality and doing the right thing. Sometimes we may need that imaginary armor for mental defense, or that emblematic sword to persevere to dispense justice impartial, fortitude undaunted and mercy unrestrained.
I encourage you to continue tilting at windmills: there aren’t enough people standing up for what is right and in the defense of poor and hungry pilgrims.

It is now the Blue Lodge season for elections and installations. Good fortune to those who are rising through the line, and may the blessings of God go with those to be installed as Masters. Please remember Ruthven Commandery provides Flag Presentation teams to kick off installations. They take just a few minutes and help to add a bit of flash, circumstance, and a bit of advertising for York Rite Masonry. You have just to ask and we’ll be there to help. Capt. Gen. George Lillard and Generalissimo Keith Borst are doing a great job scheduling and participating.

Important: The Bellaire 4th of July Parade and Festival are coming up, and yes, it is on the 4th of July for those who need to put it in their calendar. The parade begins at 9:30 am, so those who are going to participate must be there by 9 am to join PGM Leonard O. Pierce, the Drill Team and their families. If you don’t want to walk, there be a trailer to ride. We will be marching with our Beauceant, and the other Commanderies in the Houston area have been invited to join our cause. It is great fun being in a patriotic parade, tossing candy to the crowd and helping to sell sausage-on-a-stick afterward. Further details can be found:

The contract to sell 4911 Montrose is still ongoing, the various and usual steps are slowly taking place. And as with anything Masonic, there is lots of protocol and process involved. But once things settle out, we’ll have a very short time to do an Elvis and leave the building. For now, it looks that Ruthven will be relocating to a temporary location (as yet undetermined) for a “short” time until more permanent space or arrangements are possible.

160 year commemorative coins (as seen on the banner of the website) are available to those who visit Ruthven. First come, first served.

Also for your calendar: our annual inspection will be Saturday 17 October. Lunch at noon, and inspection starting at 1 pm.

Sir Knights, Companions, Brothers and my friends: may the Grace of God go with, keep, and show you the path.

Travis Griffith
Eminent Commander
Ruthven No. 2