The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar
August 8-12, 2015 Adams Mark Hotel and Event Center
120 Church Street, Buffalo, New York

A word from our Captain, Sir Knight Robert Foreman

Sir Knights:

First of all I want to thank you for a most fabulous effort in the Grand Encampment Drill Competition. I appreciate all of the great feelings that you had when you stepped off the drill floor, particularly given the way the Friday night practice went. We had the best drill of the year that day I do believe, and we were all Comrades in Arms when we went in, during the drill and after the drill was over. It was a great feeling and you made my year as Drill Captain an outstanding one.

The results of the drill competition were outstanding for Texas. Melrose bested its competition California by over 100 points. It was especially sweet as the California Sir Knights were talking smak before the competition, and I heard one of them at the awards banquet complaining about Texas Drill Teams taking home all the winnings. Sweet!!!

Park Place had no competition on the drill floor but turned in one of the best drills that I have seen from them in a long time. John Charles hit all of the marks as Drill Captain and the team was right there with him. My thanks to those members of Ruthven’s Drill Team that stepped up to the plate when asked and assisted Park Place to put their team on the floor. One of the most wonderful things that I have seen happen in my career as a Drill Team member in Houston is that all three of the Houston Drill Teams continue to work together and support each other. Masonry in action.

My hat is off to Dallas Commandery in the C Team Competition who scored a phenomenal 916 points to come in second place against some very stiff competition. Ivanhoe Commandery who won with a 938, also an outstanding score. Nick did well and is to be congratulated along with his team.

As for the D Competition I do not have all of the scores handed out, but the winning D Team was our own A. C. Garrett  from Texas with a score of 955, a truly great job on the floor. Our score was in the middle of the 17 team pack, but we did the best we can do and no one was hanging our heads when we finished the job. And your Drill Captain greatly appreciated the kind words (and the drinks) after the presentation. I have the score sheets, drill bars and the plaque to present tonight at Ruthven Commandery’s Stated Meeting. We can go over the score sheets at dinner, but really we did well and I am proud of and appreciate each of you for the efforts that you made all year long.

I hope to see you tonight at the Ruthven Commandery Stated Meeting.

Robert Foreman
Drill Captain
Ruthven Commandery No. 2
Class D Drill Team – 2015