The Grand Commandery Knights Templar of Texas From Ruthven #2

Grand Commander’s Name Year View
H Bart Henderson 2013 View
Leonard Orville Pierce 1999 View
Charles D. Browder, Jr. 1981 View
A. C. Martindale 1974 View
Kaplan H. Andrew 1963 View
William D. Miller 1943 View
James M. Caviness 1942 View
Frank Cameron Jones, Sr. 1919 View
John Carson Kidd 1908 View
Lucus T. Noyes 1897 View
Theodore U. Lubbock 1886 View
Henry Bates Stoddard 1880 View
Henry Scherffius 1879 View
James Francis Miller 1878 View
Alfred S. Richardson 1872 View
Alfred S. Richardson 1871 View
William Walter Bolts 1869 View
Peter W. Gray 1868 View
Benjamin A. Botts 1865 View
Edward H. Cushing 1862 View
George Moffitt Patrick 1859 View
William (Edward) M. Taylor 1856 View
Archibald S. Ruthven 1855 View