We welcome your interest in membership to Ruthven Commandery #2.  We are part of the Knights Templar of Texas established in 1848.  Knights Templar, along with Royal Arch Chapters and Council of Royal & Select Masters make up the York Rite Bodies.

The degrees and orders of the York Rite are designed for the Master Mason to continue his Masonic journey.   If you are interested in becoming a Master Mason, we welcome you to consider joining the worlds oldest and largest men’s fraternity – more information here.


While the 3rd degree remains the highest of all, the York Rite Bodies of Royal Arch Chapter, Council of Royal & Select Masters and Commandry of Knights Templar each offer degrees that build on and add depth to the Masonic degrees.

The York Rite degrees are conferred by local Chapters, Councils and Commanderies in the intimate setting of local lodge rooms, with the added dramatic benefits of live theater. In addition, festivals are called from time to time at announced locations where all the degrees and orders can be received in one day, or during a weekend.

The York Rite is open to all Master Masons who have passed their proficiency in the third degree of Masonry; and to all Scottish Rite Masons who have not yet become Companions and Knights of the York Rite.   Knights Templar, being based on the Christian Faith, is the only Masonic organization to specify a specific faith for membership.

A petition for the York Rite bodies is available online. All you have to do is print and fill out this form. For further information on joining, contact any York Rite Mason you know, or drop us an email – recorder@ruthven2.com