As many of you know, for many years now our income has not covered the cost of our staying in the Montrose  building.  We are co-owners in the old building and responsible for keeping it a place of pride for Masonry.

As we are desperately searching for ways to cut cost and raise revenue, we also need every Sir Knights to step up and come to the aid of our beloved Commandery.  If each of us pitch in we can set ourselves back on a sustaining path of security and growth.

You can now either donate a one-time amount or sign up for our Sustaining Knights Fund which allows you to automatically contribute $12.50 per month to our operations.   The Sustaining Knights Fund  is especially attractive for endowed members as it adds a way to provide assistence roughly equivalent to annual dues.    Once you subscribe, $12.50 will be charged to your bank card each month and made directly available to our treasurer.   Below is the donate button, and the subscribe button for the Sustaining Knight Fund.  This process is secured by PayPal, the established leader in secure online payment processing.

Just click the button of your choice below. You are free  to enter whatever one time donation you are comfortable with or if you choose to join the Sustaining Knight fund, you can cancel the automatic process at any time.  If you would prefer to mail in your contribution, have us help set this up for you or have any questions – just contact our Captain General – he will be glad to help.

Whether it’s $1 or $100, a one time amount or monthly contribution – WE NEED YOUR HELP!


SUSTAINING KNIGHT FUND – $12.50 auto billed each month